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I use DATA and BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES to architect INTELLIGENT INFORMATION & BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS capable of producing PREDICTABLE & contractually GUARANTEED RESULTS. In the CORPORATE BPO industry, I was responsible for the design, implementation, and management of OMNI-CHANNEL CUSTOMER ACQUISITION & MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS for Fortune 500 clients within the Financial Services & Insurance, Telecom, Utilities, & E-commerce industries, across multiple communication channels including: - Direct Mail - Email - Chat - SMS - Voice - Website & Social Media - Digital Marketing - Social brand Management - Paid Advertising & Impression Marketing As a CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CONSULTANT, I've helped SME & SaaS clients INCREASE REVENUE & REDUCE CLIENT MANAGEMENT costs with integrated sales & client education systems. Currently, I enjoy an expat lifestyle while developing a COMPLETE INTERACTION DESIGN & TOTAL EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT SERVICES firm in Koh Tao - (Turtle Island), Thailand

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I used to design and manage complex business processes in the large BPO industry, I'm a fan of efficiency.

After I left the industry I bought an offshore service based software development and digital marketing company that was probably pretty similar to yours.

Fundamentally the best answer comes down to how you want to run your company, specifically what YOU want to spend your time doing.

I'd recommend checking out

By the time I sold my company I was managing 3-4k hours of project work almost exclusively from BC with 20-25 hours of effort per's pretty great.

AUTOMATION, AUTOMATION, AUTOMATION, virtual assistants are great, but if you focus on eliminating their need you'll end up with better quality services at a lower cost.

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