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I'd recommend that you build out a range of packages with different deliverables for clients. Price them based on what you want to make per hour times the amount of time it will take you to create each deliverable (don't forget to build in time you'll spend meeting or communicating with the client). You may want to consider "theming" each package so it helps guide a client to selct the package that would be best for them. Also consider varying the packages both on the end result, as well as the process to get there. For instance, you will want to set the number of rounds of redesigns, as well as the number of options / logos they will get to see at each stage. By clearly showing what a client gets out of the process, this will also help you compete against the companies that are commoditizing logo design like CrowdSPRING.

When I make this request to folks, I'm always asking for the latter. In particular, what I want is a simple email from them asking me for an intro, giving a reason for wanting the intro, and then quickly explaining their company and why it's a relevant intro. What I do is then forward that email and add my own perspective on top of it of why I think the person and their startup are awesome.

Every accelerator should have a very clear timeline on when the application deadline is, when the program starts, etc. At The Brandery, we let everyone know that in person interviews will be within two weeks of the deadline. If you applied and the accelerator hasn't reached out to learn more - an exploratory phone call, etc - then It's usually a bad sign. Most programs read applications as they come in and will reach out to learn more about you. I'd be happy to jump on the phone to share more, particularly around the aspect of improving your chances.

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