Brad Cohen22 Year Vet Digital Media, Exec, M&A, Entrepreneur

Digital Media/Advertising Executive and Entrepreneur. Expert in Scaling Start-Ups, Mergers & Acquisitions, Scaling International Operations. Extensive experience in doing business in most parts of Asia including Philippines, India, China, South East Asia, Central America, USA, Europe, Israel, UAE, Russia. Brad is responsible to define and drive the strategic initiatives & strategic decision-making at Lycos/Ybrant Digital. Brad is also responsible to oversee the M&A activities and integration efforts of the company. Prior to this position, Brad was President - Business Integration & Strategic Initiatives that led Ybrant achieve impressive business results. An entrepreneur since college, Brad Cohen has founded and managed more than ten successful ventures since 1993 and has a deep understanding of the global Internet marketplace. Brad started his first company, Trident Industries, while in college. Brad was instrumental in creating, one of the first companies to offer online-distance education programs. As President of the company, Brad managed all software/web development, and day-to-day business operations. In 1998, Brad co-found Cohen Capital; under his leadership, Cohen Capital Technologies founded Neural Technologies, LLC., a software development company based on the only known Instantaneously Trained Neural Network Algorithm. In 2002, Brad co-founded what is now known as MediosOne, the Global Online Advertising Network. Brad received a BA from the University of Missouri in Marketing and Political Science.

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