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What are your ambitions? Why not sell it outright? What would your concern be?

Why not start a company? What would your concern be?

Could you do something different licence the technology out for a year? Could you do something like charge a variable cost to them to keep your upside?

The challenge with your question is that you are asking us to tell you what is right for >>you<<. Unfortunately we don't know enough about you yet to give the right answer.

Gamecenter has extremely poor adoption so I would not recommend you lean on it.

Gamification services in general can be pretty hit or miss. Here are a few for your to explore.

I'd note that these type of leaderboards can often do great things to a product that is already working, but if you are creating something that doesn't already have a bunch of users who really like what you are making... it's a tough road ahead if you outsource (you need to in house the effort).

When we did this for our own company we implemented in house, but we were at a high level of execution and resources (<100 employees).

If you are small I'd recommend It's a very simple system that you can implement and the payment tiers let you get it fairly "invisible" if you so desire.

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