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Sohum Raut is an engineer, artist and founder. Under a stage name he has been a screenwriter and international touring artist; selling out shows, writing novellas and has performed in small theatres, stadiums and on television to millions. He is also the founder of the Simple Technology Corporation with high growth tech portfolio companies Inksimple, Lawyer and Medicine. In 2012 he created Tramsurance which within a week of launch was covered by every major international media outlet including Forbes, Reuters, CBS, Canal+, BRW, The Scotsman and every major radio, tv channel and front page of every major newspaper in Australia. He writes a popular blog at and is an angel as part of Hummingbird Ventures:

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If it's a private school. Yes, it can.

But a public school (read: relies on government funding) is legislatively prohibited from owning a business that may lead to an exploitation of students.

However a course like this will have no problem being run to a private or public school as part of the curriculum. A lot of schools teach something similar in a "Small Business" class where students are to go start a business and the success of the business is their grade. The problem begins if you try to make it extra-curricular. In short, the school will likely not allow it.

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