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VC @Finaventures since 1999. Backed over 40 startups and growth companies. Founder & CEO who Grew Sales to $80M by merging 18 SMEs. Had a $700M IPO on Nasdaq, an IPO on the Taiwan Exchange, numerous Stars over $20M and $50M acquired by Global companies, a number of Runners over $5 million, and a few Duds. Passionate about helping Founders & Entrepreneurs. Love the thrill of the startup and the determination to win. Multiple successes came as a result of hard work and even more failures. Read my Venture Thriller here: http://amzn.to/1hbWDjP

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it is always a good idea to draw some financial projections just for yourself as a founder, as a way of having a path to controlling your time spent and cash spent as well.

While seed investors might be investing in you more than financial projections, it is not a bad idea to have even a preliminary financial plan that shows where this startup can potentially grow. Most of these early financial projections get refined as you learn lessons on your product development costs, your launch costs, your rate of customer acquisition and overall stickiness.

Give me a call. I've helped and mentored many founders prepare early financial projections that helped them to, not only raise seed funding, but to also challenge their own business model.

your pitch deck should be crisp and short. 10-12 slides max. its core should be your product & the problem it solves, your market, your team, your execution path (timeline, subs, revs, cash burn) and your use of proceeds (cash needed and what you deliver for that cash). that's it. don't go into telling historical background, deep product specs, too many details about the team etc, that will be what you deliver once an investor is interested beyond your pitch.
you can use pitchxo.com as a template to track your deck's readers and be smart in your follow ups.

Happy to review your draft deck and give you feedback. I review over a 1000 decks per year, I see which ones get reactions and eventually funding, so I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. Give me a call.

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