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The answer lies in understanding cash flow; it's cash in/cash out. You would have seen the problem if you'd prepared a 6 month rolling cash flow before opening your doors. Do you have a friendly banker? Work out your cash plan for the next 6 months; determine the negative cash flow. Rack your brain on how to reduce the negative. Then sit down with the banker, show your plan. Ask how he (or she) can help. When a financial person sees you understand and control basic business, you're more likely to receive positive support. If you want more info see Core Value Proposition, my book on Amazon.

From eBay you can identify and contact companies already in this business with success. Make an offer. Do the same with others on Internet. I sense you're better off taking a piece of the potential profit rather than invest in a proprietary business. Give me a call if I'm right.

Many young people have used my book Core Value Proposition to test their idea and prepare a basic development plan. I'm here to help.

Please clarify if your product is for sushi restaurants to use or to resell to their customers. If for use, you can prepare a brief list of open end questions along with a product description and visit 25 typical restaurant owners for their reactions; technique known as Probing.

A startup plan defines your thinking and judgement! It clearly communicates five elements: your Idea, its Benefit and Target, your desired Perception and Reward. A Cash Flow projection shows how you will make this come to life. Say it all in four pages or less.

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