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Venture Catalyst and Startup Leadership Coach helping startups develop the clarity, confidence and discipline to execute. Head Coach of FastTrac TechVenture Québec. Advisory Board member of Startup Canada. Named one of Canada's "Top 10 Rock Star Mentors" (2013). Was part of a startup in the late 90s which cratered, but picked myself up, shook the dust off, and got back on the horse. I LOVE Startups who want to Change The World!

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Instead of calling it "comedy", aim for humor. Humor that supports a key discovery helps to anchor that insight in the investor's mind.
I've coached many pitches, and find that when presenters are nervous they try to go for an improvised laugh, thinking it will cut the tension. However, in most situations, it comes off as just that: improvised and cheesy. Which confims to the audience that the presenter is nervous and unsure.
Humor an advanced communication skill which requires strategy, planning and practice. The best humor is subtle and smart. The goal is not to get a laugh, but to get a knowing smile.

Look for a coach who is actively involved in your startup community. There are lots of "business coaches" out there but few who really understand the dynamics of startups.

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