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To your point about psychopathy and manipulation, I don't think there is really much of a difference between entrepreneurs and corporate management. In both scenarios, a leader is tasked with casting a vision and getting a team of people to rally for the cause and hopefully successfully reach the goal(s).

When it comes to selling, you as an entrepreneur will always have to sell, and in the beginning you will have to be the best salesman. Eventually once you build the business up enough, people can handle the selling for you, whether to customers or building business relationships/partnerships. But out of the gate, you are the one who understands the vision, you created it, so you will have to sell. If you believe your idea/service/product has a true benefit to society, then you shouldn't feel like you are "selling" for any reason other than the good, and shouldn't have any reason to feel guilty. A lot of the time, people will come to you because they believe in your vision and what you are trying to do; customers, business partners, and team members included.

Overall, the game of entrepreneurship is mostly in your head. You really have to work on your thinking because to win at the game is not easy, and most of the time people lose because they knock themselves out. Read books, watch interviews of entrepreneurs, listen to podcasts ... there are tons of resources out their to fill your brain with the information it needs to be educated and headstrong, but most importantly APPLY what you learn. Work on your execution, just DO. You will inevitably start winning.

I'm not sure if your question pertains to the actual conference itself (the 3 days) or everything leading up to it. I can help answer either way, just shoot me a message.

Typically people are going to want to see an example of your work. A success story.

It sounds like you are still entertaining the idea though and most likely don't have a real-world example to showcase. If this is the case, I would suggest trying to start with a close friend or family member who happens to run a business or is in charge of training for a company. You simply need to get your foot in the door. Would it hurt to provide the service for free or at least severely discounted for the first client? You want to do whatever it takes to set the first example, so you can say "hey, look what I did for them." If you can prove that you are a producer, no one will ask for your qualifications, you've already shown them.

They tapped into existing infrastructure. Sure, they do have excellent marketing and PR (sometimes), but you can only grow as fast as you can scale. Uber could scale seamlessly as their drivers and vehicles were already in place. Anyone with a fairly new vehicle and a clean history is 'employable' by Uber.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. By not acting on your plan, you're not only holding yourself back from your goal(s), but you are also robbing yourself of an extremely valuable education. The kind of education that you will only get in the trenches.

I don't know anything about your business ideas and what kind of money is at stake, but if you truly believe in yourself and the vision you've created ... there's only one thing to do.

When you say "pull the trigger", what kind of action item(s) are you attempting to take before you get cold feet? Whatever the answer is to this question, it's also the answer to your question: "How do I get over it?" You simply push through the part that held you back last. As Nike would say, just do it.

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