Shaun Augustine I have skills in counselling and relationships.

I have helped many people find fulfilment in life and live enriched lives. With my experience in life and the wisdom that I possess, I have helped many.

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Communicate how you feel with your partner. Be tactful as this is a very sensitive topic. Make sure you use wisdom. As you may hurt your partners feelings. Book a call with me and i will help you to express your feelings in the most diplomatic way.

Google ads. use Fiverr and pay a Seo Specialist to create an ad for you. Or give me a call and we can talk further.

Complete surveys. Sell unwanted goods. Start a cleaning business. Knock on your neighbours doors and offer them your cleaning services. Freelance work.

Advertising on social media platforms.
Google paid ads and many more.
Book a call with me and i will share.

I can give you some advice on this. One thing i will say is that women like confident man. I can share some tips on how to get the woman of your dreams. Book a call so we can discuss.

Paid advertising. Start a Facebook group. Post interesting content every day. Add as many people as you can. Keep sharing your group's content.

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