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I agree with Stanislov in general.

Specifically Product Management as a Service in my case includes:
1. Due diligence for products and experiences
2. Recruiting or mentoring PMs
3. Tools and methods streamlining and implementations
4. Helping with strategy, product-market fit, market research etc.
5. Taking features end-to-end, from requirements till launch

Many ways, and not one definite answer.
What's known it can take a bit of time, preparation and effort. It can be done alone and the internet resources are very helpful but taking the right mentor (I recommend it over courses that are more theoretical and general) can shorten the time to the Junior position.

I've seen it with my mentees in live, with the right direction from someone who been there (in my case over 100 product interviews, over 30 home tasks) and developed some methods and the right materials it can be done.

Feel free to consult

Hi, I'm an experienced Product Manager who worked with probably more than 5 different tools and Jira included.

There are 3 tools that I find to be the better ones to provide you with that, that can also integrate with Jira: Aha, Airfocus, and ProductBoard.
Each has its advantages and disadvantages and a deep dive is needed to see which one can fit better.
I'm implementing those with my clients and experienced in streamlining processes and tools, you are welcome to consult

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