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I have looked into the same things for certain parts of Mexico and Japan, both places I currently have a small but stable presence (I am a Canadian, main studio is in Canada). First, do you speak the language(s)? If so you are in a good spot. If not, you would be relying on expats and only international corporations until you get established, which could take years. Do you have a specialty? If so give yourself an hour or two to see who does what you do in France and UAE, but does it better, and with better equipment. If you can provide a product that is cheaper than the competition that is stronger than you, you have a chance. If your rates are similar, the locals will usually always have the upper hand. The only exception that I have seen thus far is when the foreigner comes in and sets themselves up as an artiste, and markets themselves as a mysterious and desirable foreign option. This works well in the still photography world (especially fashion photography), but it is much harder to pull off in the video production world. I hope that helps!

Hello, if you can only afford 1 lens the best pro level, "multi-talented" lens for Canon is the 24-105 L series zoom. It is the best value lens in the Canon pro L series, yet still about $900 depending on what country you are in. If you feel that the price is prohibitive, OR that you can afford an even better lens I can give you more detailed answers over the phone. Feel free to schedule a chat anytime. Here is my portfolio:

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