Ms. Pinky - Medical Practice Office Management, Business Development Specialist and Medical Billing Coding Consultant - Pain Management, General Surgery, Physical Therapy and Insurance Credentialing - WEBSITE: -> www.mspinkymaniri.comMedical Practice Consultant | Business Development

15+ Years Helping Physician Offices Maximize Reimbursement, Increase Cash Flow, Appropriately Get Paid for their Services, Compliant and up-to-date with current updates and changes included that from Medicare, Medicaid, OIG, ICD-10, American Medical Association and Commercial Payers Guidelines and Policies. Visit my BLOG-> Been Providing Value to the Medical Practice Industry since 2005! MY FOCUS OF EXPERTISE: 1. Pain Management Medical Coding and Billing 2. Neurology Medical Coding and Billing 3. Spine Orthopedic Medical Coding and Billing 2. General Surgery Medical Coding and Billing 3. Orthopedic Surgery Medical Coding and Billing 5. Anesthesiology Medical Coding and Billing 6. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medical Coding and Billing 7. Physical and Occupational Therapy Medical Coding and Billing 8. Physician Insurance Credentialing 9. Practice Management 10. DME Durable Medical Equipment Medical Coding and Billing 11. Workers Compensation Claims Medical Coding and Billing 12. Motor Vehicle Claims Medical Coding and Billing 13. Obesity Services Billing 14. Wellness Medicine Everyone calls me Ms. Pinky, including my students and my clients. I have worked extensively with billing and coding, compliance, appeals, fee schedule analysis, contract negotiation, insurance credentialing, payments recovery due to incorrect billing, charges and coding! I have helped medical providers develop their internal medical billing / coding compliance program in their office as recommended by the Office of Inspector General for Small Group Physicians. My professional mission is to make sure my Physicians are maximizing reimbursement while they remain compliant with the current rules, changes, guidelines and policies. My Other Focus of Expertise: 1. Accurate Medical Coding and Maximizing Reimbursement 2. Insurance Credentialing, Fee Schedule Analysis and Contract Negotiations 3. HIPAA Guidelines, Compliance and Practice Internal Audit 4. CPT Changes and Current Guidelines 5. Revenue Cycle Management 6. ICD-10 and Documentation Requirements 7. Correct Coding and Clinical Documentation 8. CMS Coding Guidelines and Reimbursement Policy 9. Ancillary Services, DME Billing and Coding I own a website and have been helping medical offices since 2005!

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Too much work without play is pretty bad. So it is very important that we maintain a balance life. Meditating in the morning is rejuvenating. Daily exercise and proper diet will surely make a difference. Stop thinking "one hour" of your time a day is a waste of time. Remember (and I truly believe in this) - Health is everything. Everything.

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