Andreas DuessChief Creative Officer at Nourish Food Marketing

If you are an entrepreneur in the food and agro-food sector I can help you get your products on supermarket shelves in North America and Europe - and, most importantly, keep them there. I started my career with Ogilvy in London, UK, then was the Creative Director and Director of Broadcast for the Banner Corp. Now I am one of the founding partners of North America's leading food marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada, with offices in Montréal and the UK. I was the architect behind the very first viral video ad campaign ever created and have been at the forefront of social marketing since the early days of the net. These days I create marketing for food companies that is based on human behaviour and solid research and designed to enrich the consumer's life, not to interrupt it.

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You start by figuring out what problem you're solving, what pain you're alleviating, not by what your business model is. The latter will fall out of the former.

Uber solves a "crappy cab" problem, Airbnb solves an "expensive hotel" problem, Apple solves a "complicated computer" problem. After you've figured out what problem you're solving you then figure out how much you can charge for that solution.

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