Jace PerryUI/UX Designer & Founder of TalkTenFour.com

+Experience raising money from Angel investors
+Art Director for NYT bestselling book "Nothing To Lose"
+Designer at TOMS shoes, Variety Magazine, ProFlowers and more

View my portfolio at www.behance.net/jaceperry

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You can hire a qualified candidate to create what you need on oDesk.com. They will most likely be from another country but have plenty of experience working with US customers. One of the lawyers I hired got his masters in the US and worked here for several years then moved away to another country. Best of luck!

I am an experienced mobile UI/UX product graphic designer that can not only design your app but leverage and partner with my strong network of mobile app developers that will save you 1/2 the price if you were to go through an agency or company. View some of my work at www.behance.net/jaceperry and message me if you want to talk more. Good luck!

My startup just launched in the app store and I can tell you from experience that you will want a technical co-founder as you launch and focus on growing your user base. Startups are hard and there is a high chance of running out of money more than once during the process. You do not want to be dependent on a contractor overseas that will forget about you if you cannot pay them further. Ideally you want someone who has skin in the game and believes in the problem that you are trying to solve. Someone that is willing to go to war with you and help raise the support needed to win. In conclusion, go out and network, create momentum for yourself and everything will eventually fall into place. Cheers!

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