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Provides advisory services on technology investments and management strategies to help C-Level Executives build their organizations' portfolios. Worked at Microsoft, Oracle and helped multiple organizations setup their COE (Center-of-Excellence) for Big-data, M2M Telematics and Predictive Analytics. Management: Turn around strategy, Business Expansion, Chang Management, ITIL, Lean Six-Sigma. Technology: Natural Language Processing (NLP), Predictive Maintenance, Social Media Analytics, Distributed Architectures

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One digital marketing approach is: Social media marketing platform with below capabilities:
1. Generating leads based on Intent analysis (such as queries, mentions, wishlist monitoring ) in (near) real-time
2. Monitor the conversion rate across different channels and prioritize presence on the relevant channels, cutting down on others
3. Combine your Logistics (GIS) with the sales leads to drive sales to the nearest / best-rated dealer
4. Rank the Dealers based on user feedback analysis, inventory capability, maintenance IRT and tie it with the premium / commission
5. Implement AB testing methods to get the pulse of your audience on which channel they are likely to receive and which methods or promotion (gift coupons, promotional offers ..) are more effective
6. Predict the sale-leads, conversion and turn-around time for orders based on historical trends for each dealer and cross-correlate it with the CSAT ratings to optimize the process cycle times and cut down costs
7. Keep the customers engaged with your social presence and continuous stream of information about what they can expect from even beyond post-order completion.
8. Profile the customers to identify the classes (e.g. regular vs luxury vehicle owners) and build recommendation engines that increase personalized value-add to each
9.Identify the capability gaps in the coverage for dealers and provide means for new dealers to take part in the business or have the existing dealers extend their services

Based on the scope and commitment more functionality can be added. These along with more have been successfully implemented in Retail sector. Let me know if this interests you, would be happy to share more details.

Management & Strategy Consultant - Big Data, AI

May be you have already trid this, if not quickbooks online is a good saas based product. You may find the below useful:

1. QuickBooks:
2. GNU Cash (free):

And ofcourse, on the high end you have SalesForce

Hope this helps.

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Many open-source forum software are available (that are easy to use). You can try starting with bbpress (, wordpress.

Hope this helps.
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Crowdfunding is the best option in the present market. It gives you,
1. Early feedback
2. Exposure to more audience
3. VC free innovation / agility

To start with, you may find the below useful:

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