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If you want to be effective on a daily basis and so be effective regularly, you need a system, just because only structured things could work well regularly and not occasionally. 

To build an effective system that will be suitable for you, one should start with some exercises to boost awareness. The simplest exercise that helps you to be less overwhelmed and get rid of some stressful factors is writing. You could write in your daily planner, in your diary, or (I prefer that way) create a mind map. After several days of free writing, you'll want to do some planning on your own. 

Spending enough time for planning is key to having "time well spent" each day and bringing him closer to his goals and visions.

Another effective part of the system is using some tools that will help you control your attention and focus. Planning will help you focus, but that may not be enough to cope with some distractions. 

In any way, that will be a good point to start. 

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