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You need a funnel!

I read that you need leads that are not local. The most effective way to source such leads remotely is via social ads. For social ads, you need a landing page to drive traffic generated by those ads. Usually the landing page is very simple, it contains one main video to explain the product or solution you are selling, some qualifying questions, and fields where the prospect can enter their contact details and schedule a call with your team. You then forward the leads' details to one of your sales person for them to close the deal.

Let me know how your sales go!

Excuse me for this, but, if you know how to prompt Chat GPT, this platform is very good for copy writing.

Hello, Shylin! I also use Pinterest to promote visual products and have been able to take an account from 62 monthly impression to nearly 75k monthly organic impression in less than 30 days. ^_^

So for Pinterest, yes, I agree, and I see it myself, content is King. You need to post pins that people like. However, sometimes our pins are new and not yet proven for platform-content fit. Here is where our strategy plays.

If you want to sell, you need to drive outbond click. However, to draw outbond click, you need to maximize impression. So impression is the first metric that you need to keep your eyes on and group board is one of the most effective way to maximize impression.

Here is my strategy:
1. Create your main account, post your main pins on this account. (You already have)
2. Create 3 - 5 more sharing accounts. You need to run those accounts on different browsers. Running them on VPN or anti detect browsers is even better. These sharing accounts needs to have some pins so Pinterest won't shut them down. You will use these sharing accounts to repin pins from your main account to group boards.
3. Join group boards with your sharing accounts (NOT your main account). You can use tools like Pingroupie to quickly find Pinterest groups that are accepting collaborators.
4. Repin pins from your main account to group boards via your sharing accounts. Usually group boards will allow 4 pins only per day, otherwise they will strike the account out for spamming. That's why you need quite a lot of sharing accounts, to maximize reach.
5. Check the analytics, repin pins that get most impression to more group boards.
6. Do it consistently. You will start to see outbond clicks.
7. If you don't see outbond clicks yet, keep publishing even more new pins on your main account, don't stop, you will soon see outbond click.

Here are some good points that I learn from sourcing organic traffic from Pinterest

1. Pinterest loves and will send traffic (impression) to large established board. The number of pins in your account matters.
2. The number of repins matters. It serves as social proof. Pinterest will send traffic or impression to accounts with proven social proof. (That's why we use sharing accounts to maximize our number of repins).

Let me know how your account grows!

Congratulations! Yes, you absolutely can do that.

In order to do so, you need to establish your online presence. The fastest and the cheapest way is via social media. Since you are starting an accounting consulting firm, I suggest you to use LinkedIn, Medium, and Quora (as opposed to Instagram or Pinterest if you are fashion or interior designer). These three platforms will get you rank on Google faster (and for free) compared to some SEO work.

You need to start publishing high quality case studies. Since you don't have clients yet, you can start by reviewing other consultant's work, or writing your own point of view on particular situations.

You also need to have a few or at least one original white paper, on the area that you are consulting. This white paper will be the file or document you hand to your prospect, to get them to hire you. Ensure that you give your all to this white paper. Again, in the beginning, since you don't have any clients yet, you can review other consultants' work, or you can write your point of views on particular situations. As your clientele grows, you can replace those white paper with your own case studies.

Ensure that you share your works/posts often. With social media, it is really a number game. Most people don't see results not because they don't do a good job, but because they quit before they see result. Join social groups where you think your prospects are hanging out, then share your works in this group.

If you do that consistently, and if the work you present is of high quality, you will start to see people contacting you, sending you enquiries.

While you are building your portfolio, you might want to offer to do your first initial projects for free or at least for the fraction of your actual cost. You can then increase your rate gradually once you have stronger portfolio.

Let me know how it goes and as always, I am open for call for further discussions.

Simple. Describe your company by the gross revenue you have accumulated to date. All. Everything.

There are actually only two ways to describe the size of a company: headcount and revenue.

I agree that your headcount won't likely give the impression of a large company. So you need to go by revenue.

For the sake of earning respect from your prospects, to make the number seems impressive, you can add up all revenue you have generated from day one you started the business, yes, including the revenue when you probably is still doing freelance work without a team. Add everything up. Then use sentences like "As a business we have generated $XX,XXX,XXX of revenue to date.", which is a fact. Don't bother to mention how many years you need to hit that level or revenue. You can also add "Our team is very, very efficient", which your prospect will also see as true, as with 10 people only you are able to generate such amount of revenue. You can also add those big names. Then you highlight all benefits they get by working with you.

By now I am impressed by your business already! :D

Give it a try. Let me know how it works. Good luck with your business and don't forget that I am always open for call for further discussions.

Hello! I have been managing remote employees for a few years. What I learn is, with online environment, results become a higher priority compared to camaraderie.

First thing you need to set in place is the detailed and clear SOPs, and the goal you want your remote workers to achieve. Simply said, you need to tell them straightforwardly what results you expect them to show you, by when, and how you want them to achieve those results. Do not let the workers to drift you off your results.

Next, you need to set up tracking. Anything or any tools will do. You can use paid platforms, but in my experience Google Sheets are quite effective. The point is you (or the manager you appoint) are able to track their progress and their time, should they are paid on hourly basis.

Then, you will need a trusted provider to send their fees or salary. PayPal is good, but the platform fee is high. You need to discuss with the workers who is going to cover the platform fee. If the amount is considerable, traditional bank transfer can still be a cheaper alternative to PayPal. You also need to ensure that the workers receive their pays.

Another important point that I learn is, with employees, particularly the remote ones, it is always best to let them go sooner than later. Put it straightforwardly, if you see mistakes that cost you something to fix, or anything you cannot tolerate, fire them right away, don't wait. Workers tend to behave when they see you don't dare to let them go. This amplifies with online environment where you can't really have eyes to eyes deep discussion to mentor and fix their attitude and results.

In the future, when your organization is ready, ensure that you have your white hat SEO team in place. It can be an in house team or a freelance team hired on task by task basis. You need this white hat SEO team to perform reputation management on your office/brand/business. When you replace workers, for any reasons, including for obvious incompetence, there will be some workers posting negative comments or negative reviews about your company/business/brands. This white hat SEO team will ensure that those negative reviews are buried on the last pages of google organic search, so when prospects or new potential employees go on google to learn more about your company or your business, there is very slim chance for them to read those negative reviews.

Anyway, good luck with your business and remember, I am always open for call for further discussions.

I've been in similar situation recently. You need to hire "CLOSERS". Closers are the people where you sent your warm leads to, and they will close the deal for you. Closers work on commission based only, therefore the deal size matters. $20K is ideal. Two of the best place that I know to source Closers are : Dan Lok and Grant Cardone. Dan Lok and Grant Cardone have the institutions where they train and provide the best closers in the world.

I bumped into similar problem a few months ago with a Shopify store, where sales reported were inflated. My suggestion is to start by installing "Pixel Helper" Chrome extension, then run the extension on your website (your page, not on your Kajabi account). Usually this Pixel Helper extension will tell you what you need to adjust in your Piixel Installation. Then you can take it from there. I am open for call for follow up questions.

I run some affiliate marketing campaigns for products on Warrior Plus. If you want to start a new course teaching people how to become successful affiliate marketers in either Clickbank or JVZoo, you need to show them that you yourself is already a successful affiliate marketer. You need to show them the shortcuts. You also need to show people that you are able to mentor them to success. In the sales page you need to show myriad of successful students, and during the course, you need to ensure that your students achieve the results quicker than they expect. Feel free to request a call for follow up questions.

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