Michael GrabhamCreator of Package Guard, Customers are heros

Michael, marketing technologists, has been working around the internet since 1996, immediately after receiving an AOL 1.0 disc in the mail. He has been influenced by white spaces and analytics that drive customer success. He loves the creation of data driven designed web products and building cohesive creative teams. He invented Package Guard to solve his own problem of package theft and it selling them today to protect your convenience of home delivery.
Startup enthusiast has started six companies, raised capital, sold businesses, negotiated enterprise agreements in US and Canada, likes to raise user experience by analyzing data to a higher level. Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Wine drinker, bike rider, neuroscience believer.

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I have been working with creatives for years and the ones who refuse to follow standard business practices such as planning are normally the ones you don't want on your team. Creatives are great but if they don't understand the importance of business planning, resourcing, money management they are not going to be partners... only employees.

You really need to learn more about dev in my opinion... but in saying this you can should do both.. work for someone and work on your project after hours.. since you don't have savings get some money in the bank before you go trying to start a business. Without experience and money there is a fairly small chance of success... working for others also gives you some perspective of best practices for development. I would strongly suggest getting a job and working part time... if it starts to get traction then go full time.

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