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well I think you should do Nikah with the American one without the paperwork in a masjid then you can live together and then go and marry the Moroccan one and bring her to America !!

fist of all do not stress about it, prepare for the usual interview questions, make sure to read about the company you're applying for and have enough knowledge about it, dress properly, be on time, answerer the questions confidently and do not hesitate to ask them a question. wish you all the best

firstly, I don't think you should care if people like you or not but I can understand, sometimes we care especially if it's someone you like and care about either family or friends or just the people around you, my suggestion is to be your real self and stop trying so hard, another thing is to focus on yourself and try to improve yourself in every field especially the things you like and enjoy, try to build your personality the way you like it to be and take the first step to that by reading books related.

I have faced the same problem at my first job, first I ignored it but it got worse by time so I confronted her and told her that the work place should be a comfortable place for employees I cant give my best when I am being treated like this and to be honest it really helped she started respecting me and treating me better, so I guess you should talk to your supervisor !

for me I would definitely focus less on my studies and enjoy life a little and spend more time with family and friends!!!

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