Dennis MalianiMulti-Skilled Technology & Business Consultant

*C-Level, Business & IT Strategist (Various Industries) | AI, Blockchain, Big data, Cloud, IOT, Cybersecurity.

Expertise in formulating/executing Business strategies and solutions; strategic change management, crisis/risk management, turnarounds, market growth, and human resource administration. Charismatic leader, effective at motivating, organizing, directing and integrating the work of professional IT and business personnel.
Experienced in team building, developing individual and group skills to enhance performance. Great analytical, interpersonal and communication skills.

Specialties: Executive consulting, Managing global virtual teams, Branding, Mergers & Acquisitions, AI, Blockchain, Big data, IOT, Cybersecurity, Sustainability, P&L, PMO development, Contracts, Program management, Business strategies, GAP analysis, Workflow process redesign, Forecasting business/financial trend analysis. Versed in EMR and ERP systems; Six Sigma tools, various software and hardware packages, programming languages, systems and software development methodologies, MS applications and Reporting tools.

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Try to get into healthcare startup incubators or accelerators. At times hospitals can fund your research and to the market cycle. After the proof of concept stage it should be an easy sell.

At times the team you put together will either build you or destroy the dream you are trying to attain. Learn to listen to your gut feeling more often and cut off the dead weight.

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