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I bring considerable experience in sales, sales management and accounting. Has a sales person for over twenty years, I sold all types of tangable and in tangable products, to both consumers and business, I was alway at or above standard and I am a self taught salesperson. Has a manager I designed a selling program for a fifty year old company that increased sales by six percent, with no additional capital. Has an accountant I was controller for a large manufacturing company. I started a business in Louisville Ky, with limited capital that generates very impressive cash flow and margins.

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Hope the BBB takes it off, if not you have a major fight on your hand. First he good news is no one values the BBB, but they will not delete anything. I had a difficult time with the Franchise owner, the legal department of the parent company. The BBB is a franchise. I filled suit in Louisville Ky Court against them and lost, ( I know I would), I followed this up with a written letter, telling the local owner, that I would file suit against him in Israel, I am Jewish and have dual citzenship, He removed the complaint. I spent several hours researched the BBB and they are a very dishonest business, that says they are honest, They stongarm small companies into belonging and use a very powerful website against small businesses.

Two issues in this question. Building the site, which is going to be very expensive. The second part getting customers, you have to have a plan for each. Remember most people have plenty of internet power, software and sites, and are not open to set up with another system.

I have had some good experience with Chamber events, social hours, lunches etc, but I have never got any business from them.

This is a common problem, I stay away from technology hardware, because they quickly become dated. In your case this is not an investment that you are going to make or lose a considerable amount of money on. EBAY has a considerable number of I phone products on it, I would drop my price on these and move on.

That is always a tuff call, to take the profit at the start of the project or to make a great profit at the end. Not only is this tuff for you, your customer has the same analysis. I would offer plans that do both, that would give you a mix of the upfront revenue that you need and back end profit that is so nice.


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