Jayden RayneSpiritual Life Coaching

It can often be so confusing without a guide to Navigate the constantly shifting nature of the soul.

I am here to help answer a wide spectrum of any questions you can think of surrounding the metaphysical, and how the physical is affected.

Questions anywhere from
"My house is haunted, and I burned sage, now its worse", to--
"Why are they successful and why am I suffering if they are undeserving?"
Not only am I here to teach, but I am here to listen.

I have helped clients reach from the starting point in life where they were stuck in unhappy relationships, in a dead end job and feeling completely drained- To happily married, with a successful career and truly achieving their white picket fenced dreams!

There have been people who had hauntings so intense they were ready to move out, and with God and my help the house was cleansed and the relationship mended.

I dont wish to make this about me, but rather- to Clarify on what can be done for you, when you approach with the right questions.

I've decided to use this knowledge to help people be prepared for spiritual warfare, and to learn how to apply the right protections in their life, so they can withstand any struggles or battle with their highest rate for success.


Raised Pentacostal/Baptist

Trained as a Shaman, W/ Mentor From Peru. 10+years

Worked as an Intuitive Council since 2004 as a Top Advisor on the site.

Was featured in Scene Magazine for Mediumship.

There are only the obstacles we know how to break on through, and the ones we do not. For the ones you dont, I am here. Schedule a call today!

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As of this moment, it seems that clarity is needing a bit more traffic. I would suggest sourcing the open questions column, and then maybe take an external link to drive traffic to the site in order to receive more people needing questions answered. You could orient your brand around on other social platforms like tiktok, and then drive traffic here to answer questions. I am finding there may be something to be said about creating your own website and driving traffic there for the long term. wix.com offers free hosting. Hope that was helpful!!

Honestly, one of the best spots to open a bar is exactly where a bar used to be. I would do specs on the previous area though, make sure that they havent been out of business for too long and its important to see how long they were in business for. This piggy back effect brings you business from the start. (as long as the ending for the previous bar wasnt too unfortunate, - you will find yourself meeting the local regulars of that bar, curious to see what youve done with the place) Likewise; you might move closer to a popular bar so you receive the run off from people who dont want to wait when they are at peak hours.

Just some general ideas. Hope thats helpful :0

Buy Local. Go with your gut. Ebay can only do so much to assist but you might get in touch with support for Ebay and ask them if you purchase it what is the guarantee. If the purchase itself does not have purchase protection I would forego the risk if youre not comfortable.

Sometimes when we feel we know all there is to know, or that the relationship has developed to where it can develop, the sense of needing to push forward or the motivation to continue investing becomes much less. This can attribute to the loss in desire. Also at times we as partners may feel we've lost a part of ourselves that made us once feel like we were exuberant for life. Breaking routine and inviting new ones helps us to refresh our daily life, which turns into a new habit that just might spark a new conversation into something more. Communication is key in any relationship and the duo dance is definitely a conversation.

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