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i have qualifications in business, sociology and media. I am also a part time chef, i have in depth knowledge on the hospitality industry, through working in it as well as learning about it. Through my sociology and media qualifications, i would be able to help out with conducting market research as well as advert design.

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Hi there, I looked over your page and from what i can see your artwork is digital, this Leaves the questIon of when you say print on demand, your product is digital so therefore what is the product that needs to be Manufactured. Your artwork can be sold on a host of platforms, I would try and gain followers on social medias as well as becoming popular in the appropriate subreddits. This Would increase your status in the digital art world and reddit is good for really targeting your efforts, instagram also offer affordable and very targeted adverts.

When it comes to evaluating your work does thIs mean you are unsure on how much to sell them for?

Also if you are planning to sell your work as posters I would print out your work and hang it on the wall and take a photo of that for instagram, This makes it very clear its a product and not just an image to appreciate.

Finally when it comes to print on demand this would likely involve communicating with a manufacturer of posters and having a conversation with them.

Hope this helped, feel free to send me a message To have an in-depth discussion.

In all honesty this doesn’t sound like a brilliant idea, i would look at other pianos. If you are planning on buying an expensive piano that you have never seen before from someone you’ve never met and you are not allowed to return it, this feels like a recipe for disaster. I am a believer in there is good people in the world and in all likelihood the piano would be in working order, but why take the risk when I’m sure there’s others out there that you could view first and return. I played the piano myself for a few years and I understand the enjoyment people get from it, but no amount of enjoyment warrants the risk you are taking.

Hope this helped :)

first of all, if you’re current employer is within the UK, paying you no holiday pay is absolutely illegal and you should definitely put a complaint forward, there’s a very simple guide on the government website on how to do this. You should read over your contract as well, no work = no pay? Well your contract could heavily affect how they are able to enforce this.

Whether or not you should move jobs is completely up to you whether you feel you can afford not to. Some financial advisors recommend 500 thousand saved up for a comfortable retirement, taking the other job could be beneficial in achieving this goal.

I would be happy to talk in more detail in how we can make your money work for you, and build a fantastic retirement plan.

Your product and website looks really good, although it’s an emerging market which is great its still slightly niche with a slightly limited customer base. I would love to help you with advert design and advertising strategies to appeal to this ever growing market, feel free to drop me a message for further discussions.

For this location is very important as you say, firstly conducting some market research and trying to find out where people want a bar is a good idea. Obviously there’s factors such as budget, what options are available and what area you are in etc so there’s only so much i can help. But somewhere with a lot of footfall, in commuting distance of the main run of houses and generally within the heart of the city would attract a lot of people, but if your target audience is different then you might want it in a quieter location where people would go for a quiet drink with a friend. This completely depends on what type of bar it is as well as your local area, the demographic there.

Hope this helped a bit, feel free to message me to discuss this further.

Firstly it would be important to let your USP shine through, give them a reason to put your product in their spa’s. And secondly to market on platforms where you are most likely to find business owner, messaging spas in your local area, putting targeted ads on Instagram, building a following etc.

Hope this helped a bit, feel free to drop me a message to discuss this further.

This would firstly involve researching and learning about technical analysis so you are able to read graphs to its fullest potential and not fall for traps, keeping up to date with the news, for example Lockheed Martin have done very well since the war in Ukraine began. And finally diversifying your stock to limit risks.

These would be my 3 tips to any beginner, feel free to drop me a message to further discuss stock market trading.

Hi there, this would involve making the marketing campaigns for specific so the intended audience really connects with the advert, the more specific it is the more interest they are likely to pay although there’s a balance as you don’t want to appeal to nobody outside of this segment of target audience.

Doing things such as including key words and imagery that these segment of target audience are going to like will likely boost engagement with them.

I hope this helped a little, feel free to drop me a message to discuss strategies and advert design further.

Hi there, it sounds like you already know the basics, with pop punk music a good question to ask is whether your target audience is on YouTube, its a very diverse website but with your music being slightly more niche I’m sure there’s better places to put your adverts.

Have you set up accounts on various social media’s as well as places where the pop punk community lives? For example there’s a Reddit page called PopPunkers, finding a way to grab the attention of this page would really reach your target market.

Hope this helped, feel free to get in further contact with me to discuss advert design and marketing strategies.

this is a very general question, and some context would help. But mainly just reading the room well, understanding social cues, understanding your boundaries with people can be very helpful. Would you say you are good at these things?

there’s many ways to get people to like you more, i hope this helped tho.

feel free to drop me a message for a more in depth conversation discussing some better strategies to fix your problems.

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