Victory UchechukwuStudent, Python Programmer

I am a
Python Programmer
Text animator
Apart from all these I'm currently a student in university and I am open to learn more things.

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Security including protecting intellectual properties comes in layers. I have been employed by several people on different projects and these are some things I noticed my employers did to protect their work.
Limit access to codes
Have a strong employee contract
Have very clear employee policies
Log and maintain permission and access

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In my understanding the multiverse represents several universes. These universes offer different possibilities (infinite) where some are different timelines of a given universe and some are unique with no variation.I believe the multiverse exists as a result of the concept that matter can never be created nor destroyed, but can be changed from one form to another.Hence, the end of a universe births similar timelines and similar universes(that is a universe does not really get destroyed but is broken into different forms). In essence, the multiverse is a collection of same Celestial components and matter but different views and order. It is everything outside our view of the main verse and what could be and what was.
Give me a call for a discussion. Thank you.

I introduced my Dad to Etsy a year ago and he has been selling different items and earning a lot. Senior citizens can sell products online from the comfort of their homes . The items range from digital products to random items that they no longer need but are still in usable conditions. Services can also be sold since senior citizens have more than enough experience in their fields.
They can also get paid for participating in surveys. The amount earned from surveys depend on the time spent and the company giving the surveys .
I can elaborate on these points by giving useful websites for surveys and sites where your services can be rendered and your items can be sold. Feel free to call.
Thank you.

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