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Elliot Schneier is the Chief Operating Officer and founding partner at Startups.co, the worlds largest startup launch platform. He has a long history of successful entrepreneurial endeavors that include venture capital and angel investor backed companies. Over 15 years, Schneier has developed extensive experience in the Web Startup and Real Estate sectors. He has held leadership positions in alternative finance, institutional funding, consumer facing web and international manufacturing. His businesses have been backed by a list of all-star investors including Mike Jones (President of Myspace), Kamran Pourzanjani (Founder of Pricegrabber.com), Mark Suster (GRP Partners), Mark Goines (Morganthaler), Founders Fund, and Bessemer Venture Partners.

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I'd love to chime in and try to provide some additional insights to the question.

Investors that have signed up to use Fundable do typically look for deals at a later stage. While there are always exceptions, most early stage investors (within our network) are looking for some early notable traction to help inform their "bet". Generally founders that choose to post on our site have a well supported 1M valuation or higher. By no means do we suggest an arbitrary increase in valuation to accommodate our investor network, but at the same time we'd prefer to be incredibly transparent with potential users. As a startup ourselves, we are very sensitive an entrepreneurs limited resources, and never want to take someone down the wrong path. Our network has shown proclivity in investing in rounds from 250K up to 5M at valuations starting at 1M.

However, Fundable does have an incredible consulting team that can help build out a very compelling funding profile. Our writer and designers have helped thousands of entrepreneurs successfully tell their story. If it's simply help with the design and copy of your online pitch, we are more than capable. We can go as far as helping you craft emails to send out to your friends and family network as well.

Feel free to connect with me directly with additional questions. I'm going to have the person you chatted with at Fundable email you my contact information.

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