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I am a bodybuilder with experience in many magazines, the first of which is nutrition, then website programming and game programming

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You can communicate with me so that I suggest you to start this work better because you need a website, not an application, when starting

I already have an online store ready to be published, if your products are, and selling by percentage means that for each product that will be sold, I will take 1% of it and the rest is for you, and this allows me to continue my work. If you want more details, contact me

One of the fastest ways to get money is self-employment, so you can work from home, but you must first learn any field of programming, for example [e-marketing - design - web programming - .... etc.] All of these fields provide you with a good job opportunity and you can To contact me if you are interested in designing or web programming, because I am specialized in that, and I wish you a good opportunity

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