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I am a brand designer with a human-centered background, over the years I've found my most required ability is to help entrepreneurs get unstuck. I offer an holistic method for you to be confident about your brand and guide your future decisions.
If you are struggling with your brand identity, there's probably an issue with your strategy. Better fix that core before investing any further! We got this!

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John was an introverted boy who found it difficult to communicate with the outside world. He felt overwhelmed and misunderstood. But he had a secret talent that he used to express himself and connect with the world around him—he was a master storyteller.

John wrote stories that were brimming with emotion and insight. He wrote stories about people and creatures, and he wrote stories about his own life. His stories were his way of communicating the things he was too shy to say out loud.

John's stories were a lifeline to the outside world, and he was able to share his innermost thoughts and feelings with people he could never hope to connect with in person. His stories made him feel heard, understood, and appreciated.

John was an introvert, but he still found a way to share his thoughts and feelings with the world. His stories connected him with people from all walks of life, and he was able to build a bridge between his inner world and the outside world. And for that, he was truly thankful.

// This is how you connect with your customers, instead of coldly explaining the benefits of storytelling you can feel something for John, you can relate or differenciate. But in the end the sensation is what lasts, and it last longer that a list of benefits. I often see companies investing on storyboards even animated videos that are truly empty and unrelatable, storytelling is not easy.
Focus on your brand's values, mission, and message, in relation with your customer.
This means focusing on the customer’s needs and interests and crafting stories that will speak to them and make them feel like they belong to the brand community.

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