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Great question! I had a similar one this week after finding out the last person I used didn't submit my 2021 taxes. I would do a quick google search for experts in your area, or ask any friends if they know someone they trust. You can also try turbo tax, but they won't be able to help you write off any home expenses that might be deductible. Good luck!

Damn, there are a lot of ChatGPT answers here. Good to know the Clarity.fm community is quick to automate communication.

The biggest issue with what you are trying to do is that Facebook doesn't give you the exact address of the people you are advertising to. This means that even if you narrow your search to a specific city or town, you won't know for sure that you are reaching the same people you mailed fliers to.

That being said, if you mail fliers to everyone is a small town, then your strategy will work. The bigger issue will be that you won't get the decreased spend that generally comes with a retargeting campaign because FB won't know that these people have been reached already.

Generally speaking, it's better to increase close rate than lead rate. For this reason, most high earning agents focus on updating their tech stack so that they are using the best tools available to keep clients happy vs chasing cold leads. I'd likely focus on doing that -- there are a ton of companies building transparency tools that make it easier to convince clients to work with you.
I personally think that the most technologically advanced brokerage is Compass.com, but if you aren't looking to join a brokerage, then the transparency tool Housejoy.net has recently been making the rounds around the agent community as well.

I think most people can do simple percent calculations in their mind and, if they can't, they likely won't think to use a calculator in the first place.

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