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I believe this depends on what YOU like: do not do anything you don't LOVE to do.

Based on the options you provided, I believe the best skills anyone can acquire are in the marketing and sales fields.

These are the two fields that will allow you to do anything you desire because when you bring cash into your company or someone else's with those skills they will NOT let you go—and you as a business owner will continue to do WELL!

Consulting is what I do and where my focus is these days. Because of my sales and marketing background, I provide a better service to those I help by combining insights about my expertise, eCommerce, PLUS how to turn that into sales for their business.

In other words, anyone can build a site but not everyone can make it profitable—that's where the sales and marketing experience comes in!

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

This is an old question that needs a refresher for 2023.

You can build pretty much ANYTHING on WordPress and the theme is just the look of the website even though it MIGHT determine how some functionality is going to be developed.

It sounds like there is going to be some digging to find plugins that provide the functionality you are looking for OR they need to be custom-developed: either way WordPress offers what you seek.

In 2023 we have several theming platforms available for WordPress. LONG gone are the days of getting a theme and only sticking to what it offered! I have tried more than a few over the years and the BEST is Elementor: https://elementor.com/.

If you are reading this answer in 2023 and are interested in exploring what to do to get your new brand or company started, give me a call to help you see what options you have!

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