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Adam is podcaster and indiepreneur and regularly helps people turn their own ideas into realities. He is a co-founder of the podcast network, host of the award-wining show, The Gently Mad and writes regularly at

Adam has blended his years of experience in journalism and online business to help people launch and grow their own podcasts and business ideas.

Here's what other's have said (because social proof is everything right?):

"I'm a bit sick of all the technology podcasts, but this one is special. It focuses on real conversation - the kind of conversation that comes from a fireside chat or a time at a pub with a friend." ~ Rogie King

"You're like the WTF of the tech industry, which is why I love the show." ~ Brian Casel

"You're like the idiot abroad who gets to talk with successful people." ~ Chase Reeves

"This is the best show ever!" ~ Chris Brogan

Recent Answers

Like most questions, the answer is, it depends. ;)

It depends on what your podcast is, the audience you're trying to reach and, most importantly, the #1 goal for your show.

Podcasting is the wild west. There are no right ways to do it and I'm seeing over and over again that the people who are succeeding are coming up with creative ways to make money.

Sponsorships are only one of many ways to "monetize" a podcast. But it's hard to say which direction is best for you without knowing more about your show, your audience and your goals.

I'm happy to help any way I can, so feel free to reach out anytime.

As a designer and entrepreneur myself, I would absolutely pay for design and development services rather than give away equity.

I guess I could depend on the nature of your startup, but having worked with a lot of startups, I think you're much better keeping as much equity as possible.

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