Nicholas Hahn Thinks outside the box to get things done.

Name: Nicholas Hahn

Highly skilled and creative copywriter with 5 years of experience in the industry. Proficient in writing compelling and persuasive copy for a wide range of mediums, including website content, marketing materials, and social media campaigns. Strong attention to detail and ability to meet tight deadlines.

Work Experience:
Copywriter, XYZ Marketing Agency (2018-Present)

Wrote and edited copy for various clients in the technology and retail industries
Collaborated with design team to create visually appealing marketing materials
Increased client engagement and conversions through targeted social media campaigns
Copywriter, ABC Advertising Firm (2015-2018)

Crafted compelling copy for TV, radio, and print advertisements
Worked with clients to understand their target audience and tailor messaging accordingly
Assisted with the development and execution of integrated marketing campaigns
Bachelor's Degree in English, University of California, Los Angeles (2011-2015)


Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Strong research and analytical skills
Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Suite
Experience with content management systems (CMS) and SEO best practices

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