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They say I'm a maximalist, I consider myself rationalist. I've been around for almost 10 years, I've founded cryptoback and currently I'm exploring the Satoshi Standard, a way to measure time in Satoshis and price things in seconds.

Co-Founder of Satoshi per Second & Cryptoback

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If you want to host a static website, you can do it for free on github or gitlab.

Don't do it, people in this space are looking for profits, not games. You're willing to waste your time and money for nothing.

Don't do it, you will waste your time and money. The first NFT was Rare Pepe, was launched back in 2014-2015 on top of Bitcoin. To be honest, I'd stay away from this market, try to build something useful, try to understand Bitcoin and build something useful with Bitcoin.

Imagine a car race, the vehicle that you're willing to drive will make a huge difference, so make sure you chose the right asset. Curently the most volatile market is Bitcoin, give it a try.

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