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Founder of an accessories brand sold in over 2000 retail locations around the world. Passionate about helping branding launch & sell their product to retailers including salons, spas, resorts, grocery stores & fitness studios. Let's get your product retail ready & establish a system to reach leads & generate recurring wholesale sales.

Secondly, Kini Supply Co. apparel & accessories customization through embroidery, screenprint, screen transfer, and engraving.

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I can help with that! Do you have a catalog? Do you have a list of boutiques you’d like to get into? I’d love to review what you’ve got.

Are you looking to connect specifically with franchises that have individual buying power? I found a lot of franchise locations would order my product whether or not they were allowed which I didn’t realize at the time. But then I formed relationships with those franchises and got in with them. Let’s chat more about this!

I'd love to show you a system to ensure you don't leave money on the table. Of course the success of your sales is completely dependent on the quality of your offer, the list, etc. let's talk more!

You need to get out to meet your target market in person. Start a meetup group, attend networking events, and be a thought leader locally AND online. I'd love to hear more as I'd be happy to give you more tips on this.

Get into a showroom that has these connections. I'm with one in Los Angeles so I don't have to worry about sales. I have connections with a few that work with the majors. It will cost a min of 500 a month but that's the way to do it right. Just be aware of
Be cautious, as there are showrooms that don't produce results, and simply collect on monthly fees. I'd love to hear more about your product!

Let's talk! I'm in the process of vetting out sales reps and a lot of them seem to have many connections with salons. You might consider going this route or attending a trade show. Lots of tips to get representation at a show which will save funds and give you a better chance of getting sales.

There are Pitch Fests that allow you to do just that. Also join local MeetUp groups and ask the smartest and most business savvy people in your network if you can practice on them and get their feedback. Also record your pitch so you can see/hear yourself. Good luck!

What kind of job are you looking for? Show him you are a forward thinker and are capable, and surprise him by taking action. Maybe you see something that needs a fresh eye or input ie copywriting, design, or a system restructure. Impress him.

That's a common fear, but you are better off putting that aside and just going for it. Instead of worrying about someone taking your idea, have any manufacturer, pattern maker, etc sign an NDA, and move forward with your idea. And most importantly, work with people you can trust. Even if your idea is revolutionary (and I'm sure it's excellent), the people you talk to are most likely busy enough with their own endeavors to copy someone else's project. Not to mention they aren't going to be as passionate about it as you are. I'm happy to help if you need advice or a contract. Good luck and take action!

Why don't you buy direct from overseas? I'd love to hear more about the product to give you some ideas here. Let me know how I can help!

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