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Inbound Marketing is the most efficient way. Low cost, big returns for the patient ones :) Let me know if you want to discus!


My answer to this would be to do all of the above. The most important thing to have in mind is to be perceived as a value creator.

Have the customers rethink what they see as reality today. Put your expertise as the foundation for the dialogue.

Phone calls are the most effient way to go about, but nurturing as emails, marketing automation etc. are all part of a successful strategy for bringing in new clients and long term partnerships.


I would be careful in compensating only by commission. This will give you the kind of sales reps you might not want. If you were to invest your time, would you not want to receive some kind of fixed fee for the invested time?

Also, by paying commission based, you are telling the sales guy that you don't know if the product will sell, but that you don't want to be the one risking the time invested.

I'd go for a mix.

One of the most important things to have in mind is that every step in the process of entering data into the CRM should help the sales rep to advance in his sales process. To many CRMs are emphasizing on data for management and reporting on stuff that doesn't help the sale forward.

The passion would be to help customers succeed. Or at least it should be.

The frustration mostly has to do with the clients reluctance to change!


I would say use the power of Content Marketing and Email communication. It's cheap and it reaches people you want to target. This is an ongoing process though and it takes some time. So depending on the urgency I would try to go for this.

However, be sure to have a clear strategy and plan before you start communicating, e.g. Buying Personas, Content, Funnel offers...

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