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I would choose marketing. You can get great PR and not generate sales. Marketing is directly connected to sales and revenue growth. PR is more "earned media" and how your story connects to a broader cause. Both areas should be included in your business strategy. I find that if marketing is done right you will generate PR. Also depending on industry many of the PR platforms are paid, for example in crypto and blockchain many press releases are paid placements. Even mentions in top business media can be purchased and therefore part of a marketing budget. Digital has changed the game. Think bloggers, podcasts, YouTube channels, IG, FB and the like. Schedule a call with me if you want specific guidance and tips in any of these areas. Good luck to you!

Good that you're doing some research on the industry before launching your business.

If you're planning on using an existing platform like teespring, TeeChip or Viralstyle, there is no need to reinvent the wheel with your marketing. Review some of the most successful sellers on the platform and model their marketing efforts. Visit their websites, see their keywords and the niches they target. Also many of the platforms provide case studies. Another good source is YouTube and Udemy where entrepreneurs share practical info for cheap or free to get you going.

You can also find 3rd party marketing tools for fairly cheap that allow you to spy on successful campaigns. TeeSpy is tool (monthly subscription) that allows you to view winning t-shirt campaigns and the exact Facebook ads being used. The benefit is to save time, avoid frustration and make more money.

Good luck in your venture. If you decide to expand or want more specific guidance book a call and I'll share what I can for your success.


Listing the problems. Identify pain points and grab their attention. Keep the focus on your audience. Then move to show them the benefits of having their problem solved. Don't give away the store. Stoke emotion. Make sure it is mobile friendly. Close with a powerful Call to Action.

The best products to sell are those that you believe in, this will give you credibility and passion. Since you want to sell products that someone else created you also need to make sure the company is reputable. Otherwise you won't get paid and there are a lot of scams out here regarding selling of all types of products and services. If you're good on that, one route to take is to become an affiliate.

Google the product or service you'd like to sell and add "affiliate" then hit enter. Check out the results. You should see more details about how to become an affiliate for the product or service. You may be able to sell over the phone and even online. With the winter holidays approaching there are a lot of places looking to sell stuff. Retailers, technology, fashion, automobiles to name a few. Also see the support system and reputation of the company. Another source to checkout is ClickBank. You'll find a whole host of products you can sell and earn commissions.

Happy Selling!

The best way to grow the database would be to have a clearly defined target audience. Next you want to put your compelling message in front of the audience. Provide a clear way for the target to reach you and to continue to receive your valuable content on a consistent basis.

Since you mention investors, you'd have to look at levels of sophistication, risk, and net worth. Someone who will invest $60K is different than someone who has an disposable $1M. So you should further segment that audience. What value do you add that highlights the investment opportunity and makes it compelling? You need to get personal with these investors. And are you trying to reach the investor or their representative? Can you host events on the property or provide more exclusivity if someone subscribes to your updates?

You'll have to become an educator if you're talking about social housing, alternative energy etc. What's the risk from municipalities, environmental groups, how patient does an investor need to be? These are things that could be answered for those that are willing to join your database.

Finally, what credibility can you demonstrate? Do you have referrals and successes? Are you writing in the
publications your audience reads? Are you a guest on the shows they watch or listen to for investment advice?
If not you, who is recognized as the most authoritative in this sector? How do you compare?

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