Farouk Zakaria Hadjouni I'm Farouk Zakaria but you can call me Zack

I'm Farouk Zakaria work in Algeria I have a master degree in computer science and web business and I have more than 5 years of experience in many companies

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Brother, in terms of my modest experience And the world is developing day by day. I tell you that any business will succeed if you successfully invest your time and heart in it. Money does not matter, I know people who started their projects with only few money And the project, the website, is a new and purposeful idea because it has no limits, and it has freedom and diversity of customers or browsers, as well as various services, and that will greatly increase your income, so I advise you to start your project, but with caution and slowly.

Success in life means two things. The first is your family and the second is yourself. You yourself are a foregone conclusion: you study and move and find a job that suits you and a decent salary. You yourself do not rush into them because you will be young and you will certainly commit some Mistakes because you know you can handle it. But when you find a wife or husband, you will know the meaning of responsibility and your mistakes will cause harm to all your family, so I advise you to be wise in your choices and also to teach your children to mature early And what is the meaning of responsibility and how heavy it is I tried these steps with my younger brothers, and they are now more mature and rational, and they no longer complain about my lack of time at home and not playing with them.

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