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The first business model is to provide liquidity services to other exchanges. This means that your exchange will take orders from other exchanges and execute them on your behalf. You'll be the middleman between two different exchanges with different trading algorithms, orderbooks, and mechanisms to process transactions. You can get for relevant services. The second business model is to operate an asset exchange within your own ecosystem (e.g., operating a crypto-to-crypto exchange). Here you can create a market for any kind of assets including fiat currency pairs and futures contracts on derivatives such as options, futures, and forwards.

There are a lot of options when it comes to business-related classes. You can take Accounting, Marketing, Management and even some business-related courses in the humanities. If you're interested in learning more about your local area, there are also many college courses available that focus on the community around you. Best benefit of these courses is that they better educate you about and other such tools. The best way to find out what kind of classes will be right for you is to talk with other business owners who are doing well. They can give you valuable advice about which classes will help you build your business and which ones might not be necessary for success.

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