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First, it's important to define your idea of balance. Once you have decided that, allocate time to your work and family, respecting your work contract if you are employed. Set and respect boundaries for both and communicate the same with the people who may need to know e.g. Your boss and coworkers. Use time efficiently so that your output justifies your time at work. Being a parent is demanding but not necessarily always hard. It is doable with a proactive approach. Establish schedules in your home to help things run better. Accept any help that you can get from family or friends and try and find some time for self care every so often. When you feel rejuvenated you will feel better about your obligations.

Hello. You can check Studypool for some samples. I have a paper there on Effective Creative Writing under my profile name Njerikan. It can give you useful tips on general essay writing.

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