Ronit Ogra[Sales][Business &Growth Strategy][Career Coach]

• As an advisor to your startup, helping in strategy & setting business processes( sales, content, marketing etc)
• Create a Sales/ Business Development Strategy to 10x your business
• Brainstorm ideas that you would want to implement
• Setting up your content strategy
• Interview Preparation
• Career Coaching
• Resume Review
• Mock Interviews
• Refer you in my network(basis skills fitment)

If you have a use case mentioned above read on to know more about my credentials
I have about 7 years of experience working across startups helping scale business. Have seen growth across stages (Seed to Series C) and worked across functions helping drive business & growth(grew business from 0 to million $ ARR).In my current role I am working on building a ed-tech platform, where we scaled from an idea to about 2Mn $ USD. I work as an advisor to 2 startups currently helping them in setting up operations and business strategy
One of the highs of my life is to be able to help people by solving their problems related to field of work or careers . Here on this platform to make a difference to lives of people by utilising my experience.

Recent Answers

1. Take written feedback from all customers
2. Create a plan for promoting this feedback across social media profiles
3. Create case studies that can be shared with potential customers

First of all, Congratulations and all the best for this venture.

Coming to the problem, I am bouncing off a few ideas for you to consider

1. Hiring - Important to ensure you get people with high ownership
2. Project management - Since there are multiple work streams that will happen
3. Ownerships within the team for the various workstream
5. Trust and team work values

You could opt for an escrow service wherein the money can stay for the duration the project is being completed by the freelancer and post completion gets transferred to the freelancer from the client
You can block a certain amount from the client's wallet for the duration they are engaging a freelancer

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