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Healthcare start-up expert. Founder and General Manager of a Northwest health plan. Ran biz dev for health data start-up (acquired 2012). Ran east coast biz dev for online payments company (acquired 2010). Other experience includes health systems, employer self-funding and pharmacy benefit management.

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Three categories.

The first is sales development or inside sales. The main objective for this role is to close small deals and qualify larger ones.

Second is regional sales, sales director (outside sales) position. Main role here is to close large complex deals $100k per year or more.

Third is sales management. Various levels depending on the size of your company.

Having been a user and an implementer or both salesforce and zoho, I'd say the answer here is simplicity.

Most sales reps hate administrative burdens. The more the CRM can be set up to be useful and with as few taps as possible, the better. Leave the complex stuff to marketing and management.

First, I think it's a great move to have weekly, never miss one to ones. Daily meetings are too much and only meeting monthly or quarterly is not enough.

You should have a performace dashboard with each person. For telesales, I prefer the main metric being closed sales or qualified referrals to a senior sales person, depending on your business model.

Next, set up the meeting structure. There are four components. 1. what was accomplished last week. 2. what are the goals for next week. 3. what decisons or discussion items are there. 4. what are red flag issues that need to be brought to your attention.

Using a tool like Google docs is great because: 1. you can create a running list of meeting notes (great for reflection at performance review time). 2. the document is highly editable and auditable.

Require your direct reports to update the document by 5 pm the day before your scheduled meeting.

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