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Creating Bridges Between Aerospace & Defense Contractors, Federal Agencies, and International Ministries of Defence (MoD) In Support of National Defense and Critical Infrastructure -- OVERVIEW -- Whether engaging prime contractors, OEMs, SMEs, or government agencies, we help companies understand and access growth/expansion opportunities by developing strategic co-research, co-engineering, co-production relationships across industrial priority sectors: aerospace & defense/security (international and domestic), maritime/shipbuilding, and critical infrastructure (energy, agriculture, cyber/ICT, manufacturing, construction). Across a number of aerospace & defense markets/sectors, our work includes both high-level strategy development targeting international growth areas and tactical support to specific program capture efforts, including aviation infrastructure, space, shipbuilding, C4ISR systems, and missile defense systems. We offer our clients an integrated, authoritative viewpoint combined with clarity and understanding practical impacts that may influence priorities, decision-making, etc. -- SPECIFICS, OTHER BONA FIDES -- More than three decades of experience in the aerospace/defense and industrial sectors – multidisciplinary expertise in critical defense, security, intelligence systems, and extensive knowledge of industrial distribution, flexible manufacturing technology, automated systems, and engineered composite materials. Held leadership positions of high visibility and responsibility in a broad range of international and domestic naval command, strategic, operational, tactical, and joint assignments Innovative strategist with comprehensive international experience and relevant connections between government and industry influencers (domestic and international) ranging from emerging and frontier markets to enterprises leaders Developed capabilities in key adjacent areas such as strategic planning and development, business transformation, contract evaluation, risk management, project management, supply chain management, and cyber/IT services.

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Not sure how you're collecting, aggregating your data; however, in general sense, there is value re: not only data collection, but also the storage and analysis.

Some data areas which we specialize, relevant to consumer, commercial, defense vehicles include condition-based maintenance and predictive health management.

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