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Founder of Nu Equisetum.
Law of Nature Teacher.
Ascension Coach.
Certified Natural Health Consultant.
Synchrogalactic Yoga Instructor.
Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher.
Spiritual Coach.
Destiny Oracle Reader.
Spiritual Therapist.
Dream Coach.
Meditation Coach.
Sacred Space Facilitator.
Crystal Therapist.
Etheric Acupuncturist.

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Divine Blissings. There can be many factors such as environment and diet that play into your health. Foods like dairy products cause excess phlegm to build up and so will mold if you have it growing in your home. We can introduce plants and homeopathy into the body to help, but detoxing the body will allow the cells to absorb more of what you’re introducing into the system so it can heal faster. Detoxing will clean the system out to so if you have excess phlegm, it will help to eliminate all of that waste. We’re not taught this in school, but often times the sickness we experience originates from what we put into the body, especially when it comes to diet. Foods high in starch and sugars will feed parasites and unhealthy bacteria in the body, which can cause a number of reactions in the body indicating healing is needed. The more oxygen the cells have the healthier the will be. There are 3 things cells in the body need to survive: oxygen, water, and the ability to eliminate its own waste. There are some meditative and breathing techniques that you can utilize to keep your body healthy. If you would like to dive deeper, reach out to me and let’s discuss some options and see what works best for you.

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