Vaibhav PanchalSales person turned into Entrepreneur.

Working from a grassroot level to managing a company have been an amazing journey. I have been and will be a hardcore sales person. Offline marketing is what I love the most and working with new products , understanding new products and create a market for them is what I live day in day out. Creating a space for new products , changing the strategies that is truly going to work. Creating brands to remember and handling sales the traditional way.

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Drop Shipping businesses are good to start with. Handling the business from a garage or home per se is always a better way to start business. Before entering into such businesses make sure you are way clear about the commissions from each portal (Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, etc) are giving away. Reading the fine print in their terms will always be helpful.
Stay consistent,stay focussed and keep hustling.
Ofcourse would be happy to understand more about the portfolio you would be trying to manage and products that you would like to sell. Always happy to assist.
Happy Selling.

There is no simple answer to that.
Each market has its own hurdles and own benefits. Market reasearch is the key to understand the market.
Customers on a whole gets attracted to better products , quality products , unique and product that is giving a solution, ofcourse affordability cannot be ruled out.
Even after getting best of the best product cannot sustaint he market if availability of the product is low or customer support is not there.
Better service along with improving your product can help you to cater market in a better way.

Today the market seems cluttered for streamers and audience is becoming choosy about the videos they want to see.
So how to cater a market?
How to create something that people would love to see and never get bored of it ?
I prefer saying don't stream for audiences , make them fans of your video. Fans would wait to see you. Will be loyal to you. And most importantly they will promote you in their Circle.

First fit , identify what you love. And what you have knowledge about .
Second identify what audience you want to cater to.
Third , be persistent to give new taste to your videos for your audience
Fourth most important take the feedback positively and improve every step.

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Retail is close to my heart. I have been working with retail corners and try to understand each retail sector across the state.
First thing to understand is where you are looking to position yourself ?
What is the market you want to target? What audiences you going to prefer? And how to give them an over an edge experience with they getting service/product from you ?
People in retail are creating customers, I prefer to create fans and audiences for the brand's which helps them in a long journey.
Customer buys product once whereas fans are the people who will promote your retail brand to others and will always look forward to you.

Excellent question.
So as I have been working lately with publishing house I can definitely say which people can make the decision and whom you can meet to give demo and see the sales could happen.
According to my experience first to get in touch with Principals and building a rapport with them is utmost important as they are the decision makers for the college's.
However sometimes it is difficult to meet principal directly thus in this scenario you can meet the co ordinator.
To understand it deeper I would like to know who are the target audience and your services are impacted upon who.
There are many colleges in India which are run by trust , meeting the trustee and getting a view , and understanding the need will help to get the sale

Assuming you looking for partner in Business.
There are no successful partners and unsuccessful partners in business/startups.
Rightly said by one of the author 'When you choose your partner in business choose wisely'
According to me partner should be a better half version of yourself. He/she should find the idea of business as enthusiastic as you do , he/she should have the ability to understand the ongoing hurdles and resolve these , he/she cannot be just a helping tool but also should be visionary as you. If goals of partners are not aligned properly over the period of time partners are tend to be separated.

Finding a team that is ideal for a company is hard , however building a team which is self motivated and works on it's own we startups try for.
"Getting the leaders and not bosses on board "
You need a leader who gets along with the team and make them independent leaders in the field. Leader will.not only work to build a team but would help the team to become the future leaders for your organization.

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