Charlotte VonEmpathic, ex-McKinsey mentor who helps you excel

As a former McKinsey & Company engagement manager, I help my mentees and their businesses excel. I tailor the mentorship approach based on the questions they want to tackle together over a course of time. For my mentees, I act as mentor, coach, sparrings partner and the person who helps them achieve what they aimed for.

I apply my experience and skills in management consulting, mentoring, private equity investment management and finance to help my mentees succeed. Typical questions of my mentees could be:
- How do I implement a business idea?
- How can I scale my business?
- How do I better organize my business?
- How do I raise my business’s performance?
- How do I innovate?
- How do I reach specific goals I set for myself or for others with my business?
- How do I secure better financing?
- How do I solve a specific business problem?
- How do I tackle new markets?
- How do I excel better in my role?
- What do I have to change to love my job?

I have also significant experience in:
- Strategy development
- Business transformations
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Due diligences (business evaluations)
- Innovation management
- Senior management coaching
- Leadership
- Finance, HR, and external affairs excellence
- Career success

Recent Answers

Great question. Happy to have a conversation on this (I currently have a reduced launch rate) and explore your options but here are my top tips.
1) Tailor my advice to your business's niche and obviously look in that area, but for example great cofounders could probably be found as follows
- contact MBA students, many want to start their business afterwards
- contact specifically business schools with an entrepreneurship department and mention that you have a careers opportunity - many have contact details of even their careers team
- join entrepreneurship online communities and ask around there
- call up existing businesses in an adjacent space and ask if their leadership wants to become a co-founder
- use LinkedIn to reach out personally to individuals

Happy to find other options together with you. Best of luck, you will succeed.

This is an excellent question, I assume you mean digital education platform. Of course the question of starting is very broad. Please feel free to reach out for me to help you conceptualize, start and implement your plan. I highly suggest that you figure out the following.
A) What is the product or what are the services you want to offer? what makes them unique or attractive to the clients? what is the value of these to the clients? how are they different from competing services
B) How will you market the product and close a sale with end customers? This really matters as many startups fail because they cannot sell or marketing is more expensive than the product price. I also suggest considering pre-sales and community engagement before launch
C) Operations- how will you create the material or source the educational material that will be presented? Where will you find talent to support you (consider freelancers eg from Fiverr or Upwark in the beginning?
D) How will you finance the creation? Can you bootstrap your business model to something simple and not cash intensive? Can you use crowdfunding?
E) What is your overall business and financial plan? Happy to help draft one
F) Implementation- how will you implement it all and make the final tweaks such as to branding and messaging?

Excellent question. The great thing about youtube is that videos you post very quickly tend to show in Google search results, often quicker than the corresponding website would rank. Here are some tips:
- When posting videos paste your contact details/offer in the description and in the comment section
- When posting, ensure you copy paste a lot of the content in text form in the description so the video is easily findable when searched
- if you are in the US, you can use direct marketing to market the channel
- contact influencers and bloggers to link to you
- partner with other channels to advert vice-versa your channels
- paid ad
- link your channel with freebies and lead magnets

I would be delighted to better understand your situation and help you with it in a call

Excellent answer already. I would also add 1) Make use of the free training resources on this topic, it is usually a topic discussed in depth 2) Design and test your ads (in particular, are you successful with generating leads, making direct sales?- ensure that your spend and timing is sufficient for the tests to be representative) 3) Design your sales funnel and update your freebie offerings/lead magnets - adjust them as needed to get to the sales conversion you are looking for 4) if you find out that targeting is not working as you wished, try LinkedIn and Google as alternatives 5) be aware that Facebook does a lot of optimization in the first few days and as you test you want to ensure you can cover this time period with your ad

Some insights can be:
- Maybe you find out you need a certain minimum spend to convert to a sale
- Maybe you find out that you can sell the product not directly well over facebook, but if you ask for an email address in return for a freebie, you get a qualified lead

Please feel free to arrange a call any time for more tailored advice

Dear Writer,
thanks so much for taking the time to write this. To answer this a) I need the background on what you are trying to sell, e.g., are you a law firm and b) what your ultimate objectives are - eg., you write getting attention, what I mean with is it important to have this type of client or do just do this to get some branding. Since I don't have this I'll do my best and give the following tips:
- Network using LinkedIn, many times positive experience can be done using these platforms
- if it is generally a sales exercise, and you werent successful experiment with lead agencies that give you qualified leads
- if it is important for you to leverage their specific brand, offer a smaller free service package in return for using their logo or if you can afford give them your full service for free - and important for professionality reasons it should still be optional for them to give you the reference, so find someone who is willing to but offer it optionally
- work heavily with testimonials and give referees they can call from other client segments than you have

Of course I can tailor my advice much better to your situation in a call. I would be delighted to help.

This is excellent. Well done, without knowing more, if I see correctly you are based in the US or are willing to consider US investors?
A) This is great because in the US under certain conditions (please inform yourself to ensure you oblige to the legal standards) direct marketing is allowed. I highly recommend that you reach out directly to investors, via email and phone calls. This will probably have the largest chance of success since it is very targeted and does not cost much. To reach out you can research contacts yourselves or alternatively you can use B2B access platforms or B2C access platforms.
B) You can hire an agency who does this for you, so someone who otherwise focuses on marketing but gets you lead for investors instead
C) experiment with digital marketing and run ads
D) contact directly others in similar markets who fundraised using your platform and get their tips for free. It often helps to understand what actually worked for them and you have the common connection of using the same platform

Of course one would need to better understand your situation, so the advice can be more tailored, but I think you should be very good to go with A)

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