Habib FerdousFounded and managed 6 startups in the USA

An accountant by education, an entrepreneur by passion. Founder and CEO of Coreibytes and Zwuits. Advisory board member at CUNY (New York), Scholarship Contributor at Texas Tech. Also: entrepreneur, accountant, marketer, developer, startup fanboy.

I can guide and advise on marketing, product launch, branding, product-market fit, pitch deck, business model, financial planning, business structuring, content development, remote team hire, lean startup costs, minimizing startup costs, managing startup without outside funding, business development in USA and UK markets.

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No. The business needs to be registered in the USA and at least one majority owner (ex. 51%), should be a legal resident or citizen of the USA.

Crowdfunding is the best option to raise money from all around the world. I did this multiple times for my startups. There are several different options, you can start your research with Fundify, Seedinvest, etc.

Look for Equity-based crowdfunding. Good Luck!

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