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Are you the client or the third party? It is hard to answer the question of contractual compliance without knowing what the contract entails.
If you are the client, you should have created the acceptance Test Cases or at least signed off on it. It is recommended that you just accept the third party's test results. Your company should execute them to have the assurance it does work as expected.
As to risk exposure, you need to execute a scan for vulnerabilities. There are several tools that do that.
Dynatrace is a well regarded one. You probably heard of the recent log4j vulnarability exposure, tools like Dynatrace look for entry points like that in the code.

hope this helps.
Gus Amaral

Those all seem valid questions to ask. And I don't think the package should be accepted solely based on the respective answers.
You should have someone from the company thoroughly review the code and also perform extensive testing. I understand sometimes it is not feasible to review thousands of line of code manually. So in addition to code review, use tools to scan for vulnerabilities. Human review + scan. Not one or the other.
Ultimately it is on the organization's corporate security and overall design requirements. Something can be acceptable to one org and not the other.

Not a simple question but hope it helps. I'll be glad to discuss further and help any way I can.

What you want to offer? Keep in mind, Clarity is not a job board. For that, go to Indeed or related.

If you're an expert in a particular field you can offer your advice here. If you hook up with people looking for what you have to offer, they will request a call with you and pay for by the minute.

Just to be clear as it doesn't sound the right forum for what you are looking for.

They can. There are framework to address this issue and be cross-platform such as React or Ionic. It is very possible.

You need to value the new venture. Have a business case in place to see if it is worth pursuing. That is, a financial valuation.

My one advice is, do NOT self-fund. If your case is strong enough you can find angel investors and venture capital funding.

And yes, agree with others do not drop out. Don't give your business idea but make sure you have a strong case first.

Let me give one example. A student in Hungary once hired me to do a valuation and business plan for his idea of en eco-friendly school in Estonia. What seemed to be a good idea in his view showed a negative 1.5M Euro after three years of operation after I did his financials.

First, we have to understand your motivation to meet your needs.
Are you currently developing a custom enterprise app for a client and are you looking for advice on how to do? Do you have a contract or you are just trying to learn?
Or you're setting up shop to be a vendor in this market? What industry?
Will be happy to take a call. I've done several custom enterprise developments but there's no one size fits all in this field.

A resposta vai depender muito do seu ramo de negocio e a quantidade de investimento e, consequentemente, o que pode pagar.

Seu servico eh so de back-end? Ou tem front-end tambem?Certamente, precisa de QA. Se puder pagar, bom ter um DevOps para cuidar dos deployments. Se nao, veja se alguem do backend pode desempenhar esse papel.

Nao existe uma resposta da estrutura certa para todos os casos pois se tratando de startup nem sempre voce pode se dar luxo de ter todo mundo que precisa disponivel, sendo realista.

There is no minimum. The answer doesn't lie with how large your product catalogue is but your product differentiators. You can open a store with a single decor product for that matter.
Instead of looking at volume, think about these aspects:
- quality: is my product better? And how so?
- price: is it more competitive than similar products?
- innovation: does it have innovative features other don't?
- service: is my service better to influence the buying decision?

Did you check if the government offers grants for Cultural programs? You can try private but be prepared to answer "What's in it for me/my organization?". That is, if they fund you what do they get in return?
It is pretty much like a business case. Funding is a trade. Will be happy to talk further on a call.

There's always a learning curve. Yes, it is a pain point and happens all the time. But there are ways to mitigate and make it more productive. I just happened to be on a KT today with my developers (one developer KT'ing to 3 others) and it went quite well. The biggest mistake I see is going straight to the code before understanding the business features, purpose and rationale it was done that wa, in this order.
Will be happy to go on a call and discuss further.

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