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You need to build up a list of emails. To do that you need to create a feel of exclusive access and that the one of the list might experience your product before everyone else. Also i would use Facebook ads to drive app installs.

I would start with creating a landing page that are talking directly to the target group. Get the lecturer to record a video talking to them and teasing the what they would learn.

Then I would use Facebook and LinkedIN ads targeting my dream customers. And of course a/b test all the way.

I would recommend that you simply test this. And track the results. Your answer will be different for every product and target group one may have. So always faster and better to just do a test.

I would say that a good way is to value it by reach and engagement, also I would do some tests on how many of the people that see the link-posts click them.

Number of fans has no value, but engagement and being able to move traffic outside Facebook to your page has great value.

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