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As an operations leader and strategy executive, I evolve business vision into quantitative, efficient and scalable reality. Fusing a unique background of government contracting and global technical consulting providing Web/IoT solutions for clientele worldwide with an honorable career founded in the US Marine Corps, I provide strategic leadership and experienced collaboration in the efficient growth and management of delivery, operations, and sales on global platforms. A data-driven decision maker with a process- and agile-oriented approach to business, I lead from the front, building environments of accountability and energy that empower teams to dedicate themselves to the "mission-first" mindset of consistently delivering high-quality and quantitative results.

Noted for:

Operational Excellence
✔ Created and launched strategy that, within six months, consolidated entire global manufacturing operation, reducing costs up to 75% and improving failure rate of products from 10% to .001%.

Increased Margins
✔ Scaled small business operations in the areas of manufacturing, services, and support while reducing costs and maintaining an 85% gross profit margin on average.

Cost Reductions
✔ Decreased costs on hardware products from 25% - 75% by mitigating the global supply chain and aligning just-in-time components for customer orders.

Automation of Processes
✔ Automated and organized time-consuming processes for the organization giving time back to sales, accounting, services, and support, averaging a savings of two hours per day.

Streamlining Systems
✔ Consolidated the number of applications the organization used by moving to an inclusive CRM system versus multiple disparate legacy systems, reducing expenses hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Transforming Ideas into New Revenue Streams
✔ Repurposed existing product with a new solution during COVID-19 pandemic in alignment with CDC guidelines that created $6M+ in new revenue and disrupted the global travel industry .

Global Expertise and Network
✔ Highly adept at leading a global and diverse group of stakeholders, including employees, contractors, and vendors. Deep background working with several government contractors supporting the DoD, State Department, and Intelligence Community across network engineering, software development, business process reengineering, sales, and operations.

Integrity • Attentive • Thorough • Organized • Detail-driven • Accountable •Analytical • Curious

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