Visar GashiFounder/CEO @ Polymath Labs (Soft. Dev & DevOps)

As an early adopter of Agile, DevOps, and Cloud, I have helped a number of organizations transform themselves to lean executing organizations building teams and products that scale. To get them there, I had to influence their culture, modify or introduce processes that aligned with their goals and fit the culture, and finally consolidate or modernize their technology.

I have spent over a decade consulting in FinTech, Insurance, Retail, and a few other specialized industries. During this time I have:

• Lead Agile and Cloud Transformation initiatives
• Built new practices and lead the transition to Service Oriented Architectures
• Architected and Lead multiple product modernizations on premise and on the Cloud
• Helped establish mature and lean Enterprise Architectures and Governance Models
• Managed a consulting practice with revenues over $5M

Although I have held many senior positions and managed large teams, I still maintain a hands-on relationship with Technology and continue to develop and experiment with new technologies. In 2015 I also co-founded a Video Streaming startup and implemented a fully automated distributed system that is in production today.

Special interests: Blockchains, Distributed Computing, and Microservices

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It depends on what your end goals are. If you are going at it alone, this, or any other service should suffice. If you are also thinking of implementing a custom process and your company will have "secret sauce", you are probably better off developing your own solution.

A few points to consider:
* You want to make sure the product you use is reliable and safe. You will be storing PII for your candidates, the app has to do a good job protecting PII
* From what I can tell, you still need to deploy this app yourself. If you don't have technical expertise, I wouldn't recommend it. You would be responsible for its reliability scalability, and security which is not trivial. An alternative is to use a SaaS product, which comes with all of the above managed by the provider

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